Monday, January 25, 2010

First Impression

Today, during our weekly animation department meeting,  one of the shots they screened for the whole team was my very first animation test I did a few weeks ago.  It was the first time I had ever seen my stuff on the big screen.  Considering the company I was in, it was terrifying.


  1. Haha. Uh, I'm not really sure man! I kinda zoned out. I'm sure there was some polite clapping going on though ;).

  2. it was received very well. Welcome to the team!!!

  3. Thanks for all your help with it Nickbruno!

  4. I wonder if that's something that's will ever get easy as I know I still get nervous when my work is reviewed. I think the day i don't care is the day I should give up! I bet it was ace fella!

  5. Lol. Nice stuff! I know you cant post the Animation test u worked on, but cud you describe( without talking abt the characters) what your doing? Is it a physical shot? If so what is it? Character comes in and sits down? Character running around a corner coming to a stop & checking watch?
    Or is it a dialogue piece? 400 frame- angry dialogue? A full body, one-liner?

    Sorry for being so nosey,


  6. Hey guys thanks for stopping by!

    The animation was basically a full-body dialogue test with the film's main character. The purpose of the test was to train me up on Blue Sky's studio tools & workflow, and help familiarize myself with the character rigs for this movie.

    I was assigned a mentor that I could go to for help and feedback. And I periodically showed my work to one Nick Bruno, the character lead. After Nick gave some final notes, I showed it to the Studio Animation Lead. Then to the whole team. I'm now on actual shots for the movie!