Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Rio Characters!

Ironically enough, I never got the chance to animate the bulldog.  But everyone else I touched.

"Halloween Treat"

…at least that’s what the subject of the email that fellow animator Anthony Travieso sent out to the department this morning. I’m featured along with animators Nick Bruno, J.P. Sans, Pete Paquette, and Scott “Pimpcane” Carroll.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Co-Worker Update!!!

 Marcelo Sakai
 Michael Richard
 Brandon Kern
 Laura McGowan
 AJ Conrad
 Sheldon Kruger
 Audrey Bagley
 Rich Fournier
 Jason Martinsen
 Brad Regier
 Pete Devlin
 Guido Muzzarelli
 Matt Hasselman
 Kevin Koch
 Sebastien Bruneau
 Steve Dahler
 Anthony Travieso
Wes Storhoff
Tom Grevera

The first set is HERE.