Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hey Bloggy-Sphere!

I'm about to show my first production shot to the director in sweatbox today.  I came in a little early to jot some notes and collect my thoughts.  A year from now I'll probably look back at this shot and cringe.

I'll let you know how it goes OK?  

Your friend,
-Bobby P

Post-sweatbox update :  Went pretty well!  To be more specific and vague at the same time,  my shot in layout was originally a smaller, more straight- foward shot to start me out on.  During briefings Carlos  acted out what he wanted to see.  Those ideas would no doubt make the shot longer.  Uh-oh, I was afraid to ask for more frames so I tried to stuff it all in to this quick shot and sure enough it looked way busy.   So the animation lead gave me the OK to add more frames to sell the ideas, I blocked those poses that indeed extended it's screen time, but thankfully Carlos liked it and gave me the OK to add more frames to make it work.  I'm making this movie more expensive!


  1. haha! seeing as though they made about a trillion dollars from their last movie, i'm sure they can afford to throw you a couple extra frames ;)