Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Shot

Thanks for your responses on the reel review post.  I'm glad people found it helpful!  Chris W had a good question in the comments section, but let me know if you have any more.

So back at work, today I was assigned my first production shots!  Oh man!

 Seq. 150!  Apologies for the over excitement , but my first shots in movies ?  It only happens once!  To celebrate I decided to spruce up my workspace a little.

Haha.  Not much I know,  but I really don't have that much desk space.  And Joe and I still aren't sure if we are allowed to put stuff up on the walls.  So just the essentials here. Pictured are a Chris Sanders figurine I got from SD Comic-Con, a Tarzan Maquette, the corner of a Princess & the Frog cell & Coraline popcorn bag via Asifa,  and a figure drawing sketchbook (every morning, a group of animators get together and take turns posing for each other.  I don't go nearly as much as I should.) 

And yes, I'm still doing the touristy things when we head out to NYC.  Last weekend I had my special someone visit from out of town so we went to see Central Park, Times Square, the top of the Empire State Building, went dancing in the Meat-Packing district, watched the Lion King,  and went ice skating at Rockefeller Center, which has a pretty magical-y  backdrop for ice skating, despite how terrible I am at it.



  1. I'm insanely jealous of both your Chris Sanders figurine and Tarzan maquette.

    Did you make the maquette?

  2. Lianne, make a trip out to the west coast to SDCC one of these years! And I got that Tarzan maquette from Ebay a while back! Dont ask how much it was =).

  3. Wow, I want that Tarzan maquette. it's beautiful. I'm glad you're having such a great time in NY and at Blue Sky. :) You should join our google group for AMers in the area:

  4. Bobby, thanks for the blog. You are doing a great job telling us about all the ups and downs of making it in a big animation studios. Hope you keep the the blog. It is very inspiring.

  5. Hey Nice! Thanks for the link Cristin!

    Dan I appreciate you stopping by man. I'll try my best to update regularly.

  6. i wanna come visit!! haha

    one of the many perks of working at Blue Sky.. so close to NYC :)

    glad you're having a great time, Bobby. I love that you kept this blog going, sometimes it's even MORE inspiring than your main one :D