Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Day

It was snowing this morning.  I have a short commute so the building was practically empty when I got in.   I went around and snapped some misc. pics!
This is the Chop Shop, the room I was talking about earlier where reel reviews are usually held.

The director , Carlos, in Sweatbox

My cube-mate, Joe.  Uh kinda.

Joe's cube mate, Me.  By Joe. 
There's a caricature war coming up in the department soon, so I guess we were, practicing?
Oh, Joe and I went to an Ikea in Brooklyn last weekend.  I got this overpriced chair and  massive desk for my workstation.  It's literally the first piece of real furniture at my apt.

Here's the other half of the room.
Yup.  January and still haven't unpacked completely.  Awesome.


  1. F'n SWEET! First thing I'm gonna do when I start working at Blue Sky, is invite my self over and thumb through all ur cool books.
    Then next, I will leave finger prints all over ur Cintiq, and then probably make off with that Scrat maquette from the studio.... and then u'lll never see me agaaaaiiiin.

    LOL. Or maybe I'll just say whats up and give u a handshake.

  2. caricature war sounds like funn

  3. Haha yes. I'll post up some of the drawings after it goes down.

  4. wassup bobby. i moved back to NY recently, on long island. we've sorta popped up on each others blog comments here and there over the years. if you ever want to meet up in manhattan sometime, lemme know. congrats on the move. new york is pretty cool-tim

  5. oh and also, ive got a friend andy seredy that started working at blue sky recently as well. he's a cool guy-just in case you get to meet him.