Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rio Site Animation

Hey wanna see some animation I got to do that won't be in the film?!

Yes? OK go to the Main Rio Site.  Wait about 5 seconds for the main cast photo to dissipate.  One at a time, random characters from the movie will come across the screen dancing.  I did these two guys:
Haha. Party Fowl. The power of homonyms.
Here's the vid ref Garrett did for my dances.  Oh Shikumes.

My cubemate Isaak did Blu, Slemmer did Jewel & Toucan, Keith did the monkeys, and Pete did Bulldog!


  1. PLEASE tell me there was video reference taken of you guys dancing around for these pieces?

  2. Hey Bobby!!!!
    Great work!!!! Really snappy fun animation!! :D
    Im soooo excited about finally seeing the film. I cant believe it was nearly 4 years ago when i started work on it!!!
    Im sure you will have a blast on ice age!!!
    Do you think it would still be possible for me to order a crew shirt?? I remember you mentioned it to me before? if you have any info you can pass my way, please can you shoot me a message!! Cheers dude!!!
    Im currently working in the UK at the mo, but will be working in LA thru out the summer. Iv also got a booth at San Diego Comic Con. If your gunna be in town, it would be great to finally meet you.

    All the best and congrats again for all ur hard work on Rio!!!
    The movie is released here in the UK on Friday, so i'll make sure to cheer your name when i see you in the credits (amongst all the other talented folk!!) :P

    Best wishes,


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