Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day in the Life

7:30 AM.  A case of the mondays.

8 AM.  My car barely fits into this garage.
I usually have a commuter buddy that lives down the street.  
But he's in Aruba right now.
8:10 AM Starbucks.  
Everyone knows my name and my order.

8:30 AM Into work.

Bagel Mondays.
Morning work surge go! 
Getting as much work done as I can before...

...Cube-mate Isaak gets in.  
Tells me about his weekend.

Drawings between playblasts.  Usually pretty crappy.

12 PM Lunchtime downstairs.
Joe talking about Australia.  Most likely. Or Radiohead.

AJ made Red Velvet cake over the weekend,
and saved me some.

 3PM.  Animation Inspiration Meeting.  
This weeks Pete gives a talk on the comedic stylings of the 3 Stooges.
Haven't watched these in years.  Pretty pretty funny.

Valentine's Day confection in the big kitchen.  
Strawberries.  Dipped.  In CHOCOLATE.

Afternoon work surge!  
Those splines are goin' into IA 4!

6 PM.  Gym Time in the tiniest gym ever.

7 PM. Going home.

8PM. Drawing time.

Wee hours of the morning.  Bedtime.  
Looking back at this I realize how much I still live like a student.


  1. Do you want us all to pitch in for a bedframe for you?

    *Starts donation website*

  2. Oh I love seeing "a-day-in-the-life" stuff for artists! Thanks so much for posting this!

    In the lunchtime pic, I couldn't help noticing how lovely the snow looks outside. Almost makes me wish I lived in a place with seasons, unlike SoCal. Almost.

  3. Carrie - From someone who lives in Sweden, where we've had snow since the beginning of November (and probably going strong until April), you're lucky to live in an area without snow haha.

    Bobby - do you guys have dailies too?

  4. Carrie- Yeah I actually enjoy the snowfall too. But I dont have to shovel a driveway or anything. But oh man, the NY winters are brutal!

    Stina- Yeah actually, we have dailies or "sweatbox" everyday. I don't know why I didn't go that day. Although during production , when there are a lot of animators showing their shots, I go everyday.

    It's totally inspiring to see everyones shots and the stages they go through. Plus, hearing the director talk about the movie everyday gives you a good sense of the directors taste, what he or she wants this movie to be. If you can be on the same wavelength as the director, it can really help narrow down your options when you begin to animate. Which ultimately leads to getting your shots done faster.

    Also, in a place like Blue Sky (or Pixar , DWs obviously), there is so much awesome work being shown EVERYDAY. Number 1, it puts you in your place, keeps you humbled and reminds you of how much you still have to learn.
    Number 2, it helps develop your eye for animation. And that's really all it comes down to in my opinion. How you think and your eye for what looks good. I mean, it's one thing to pop in a DVD and be wowed by it. It's another to come in , see these shots develop from the ground up, see the changes it has to go through,and ultimately what it ends up looking like in the film. You learn so much just by being there, and taking it all in, and hopefully applying it to your next shot.

  5. LOVE this. So fun & motivating for those who TOO wanna live this life. Thanks for whippin' this up!

  6. That's awesome man !! This is really motivating !
    Keep up the good work !

  7. I was reading through the comments and I agree this looks exciting.

  8. youre indeed living the life. awesome awesome.

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