Friday, November 6, 2009

Where I'll be living

My apartment will be in White Plains , NY.  Blue Sky Studios is just a few miles away in Greenwich, CT .  A few Blue Sky folks that live in NYC tell me that the studio is only about a 40-minute commute from the city!

I kind-of , arbitrarily picked White Plains because I stayed there for the interview, but I'd like to experience living in the city at some point.  So I opted for just a 6-month lease.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Bobby!

    I live right in Westbury, which is on Long Island. (Its right next to "Mineola" on your map, in the bottom right...its the "West-" thats being cutoff. Haha.
    Well I'm in AM now. And I'm am shooting for Blue Sky definitely, I have a bud that works there. Its tuff rite now in school. But your good news, def inspired me. So go on and get settled brosef... And save me a seat, I'll be there sooooooooooonnnnn!