Friday, November 6, 2009

How I got in

I've had a few peers ask to see the demo reel that got my foot in the door. So here's a link to my reel that I sent to Blue Sky.

Bobby Pontillas Demo Reel 2009 from Bobby Pontillas on Vimeo.

I followed it up immediately with my short film:

Better Off Undead ! from Bobby Pontillas on Vimeo.

2 Things !
First, although I did eventually get the gig, the feedback wasn't all praise! =)  While they liked my ideas, the biggest comment was that I needed to work on my polish.  Really working out in finer detail the mechanics and bringing things to a more refined level.  Also that I needed to work on my acting.  Haha, so I've still got a long way to go. 

Second, I think it's worth mentioning that this wasn't a one-shot deal.  That is, I've been sending away demo reels to film studios for years now.  And I've been turned down by them ALL at some point or another!  You name 'em, I've been passed by them.  Shoot, some of them several times in a year!

Anyway, I guess my (hopefully non-preachy) point is, if you're really trying to break into the biz, be it games, film, etc.  Keep at it, man.  You'll start to feel discouraged for sure, and thats fine.  Embrace it.  Spend a day or two being bummed out or whatever. But soon you'll get sick of feeling like crap, so pick yourself back up and try again. I've seen/ heard of folks straight out of school break into a studio, but sh*t that wasn't me.  I was rejected lots and lots and lots of times before I even got my foot into my first gig in games,  and then went through it again when I was trying to break into films.  The only reason I kept going was because I became obsessed.


  1. Well said Bobby. Good words of continuous encouragement.

  2. You're an inspiration Bobby. I'm a firm believer in hard and tenacity work pays off and you're a prime example of that. Keep up the good fight.

  3. 100% agreed with the last paragraph, Bobby.

    Rock on.

  4. I wish you well sir! Have a safe trip and a good time while you're out there!

  5. Hey Bobby! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!!
    I am strangely enough in a similar path as you. I've been trying hard to break into film for about two years now. I ended up in Games... but thank's to you, I'm going to keep trying to break into the film industry.

    All the best!

  6. great. have a good time. Its only the start!

  7. I can't believe I missed all your updates, congratulation once again Bobby!! :) In the past did you ever submit 2D animation reels though? Or was it always have been 3D?

    Thanks for being such an inspiration too!!

  8. Bobby-

    I've been a follow of yours for a little over a year, it's been a real pleasure. Congrats and let me say that BlueSky got the better end of the bargin. I'm just starting my AM road and hope to find as much growth as you have. Peace.

  9. Thanks for the well wishes everyone! I really value your words of encouragement.

    Hammy: For the most part I've always been submitting 3D reels, although there was one time I did sumbit a 2D reel for a "rough inbetweener" position at Disney for this next frog movie. Oh man, talk about out of my league!

  10. This is why you're my hero! ;) Very inspirational, and it's good to hear a candid perspective on the application process.

    Good luck, and I'll be looking for your name in the credits for Rio.

  11. I thought your 2D animations shows GREAT potential! I am sure if you keep at it, you will become really awesome at that. :) Thanks for all the advises as well!! They are really motivating.

  12. Thanks for sharing your demo reel.
    It's truly a great reel of animation!!
    Congratulations for starting working on feature films at BlueSky!
    Your work is very inspirational!

  13. Awesome Bobby! Congrats once again! Your hard work and the words of inspiration are really encouraging. Best of luck out in the east coast buddy! Hopefully you will still have time to post your work and keep inspiring folks like myself. All the best!

  14. Really inspring stuff, it means alot to read that mate, and fair play to you- your success is well deserved. It's always good to hear other artists having to grind away to get to where they want to be- it's not just me! :D
    Genuinely- all the very best mate

  15. congrats bobby, btw im coming to bluesky too. so ill see u there in december!

  16. exciting news Bobby!
    all the best.

  17. This is where I am Now. Out of school sending out my reel. Doing my best to keep my head up and keep moving forward trying to make progress.