Friday, November 20, 2009

First week...

...In the bag!  The week flew by really.  I spent my time learning the animation tools, familiarizing myself with the film's characters, sitting in reviews with the director, being blown away by several animation tests, and meeting the members of the animation team little by little.  I sorta have a knack for remembering names, so I think I've got 'em all.   

Next week I should be starting on my first animation test!  I spent all day today prepping for it.  Listening to dialogue clips, jotting notes, scribbling ideas, thumbnailing poses.  Monday I'll begin to shoot some video ref. It's like I'm at Animation Mentor all over again! 

Just a few misc. pics from my first week.  This is White Plains from my morning coffee stop.

Fridays are filled with Donuts.

Scott Farrell's Tiki Cube.

Lunchtime basketball tournament.


  1. hahah How F'N EXCITING! Time to unleash the beast and unload on some Animation ASS!!!

  2. woooow!
    it's been a long time since I visit your blog for the last time, and... now I see that you're in NY working at Blusky?? Man this is greaaaat! I'm really glad of you. I've got a couple of friends that start's there on January, so hope you could meet soon!
    Congratulations sir, enjoy !!!

  3. ;) Thanks for replying bobby!!
    Yes sir, the spanish you talk about are my friends, Julen and Elena. They are very very nice people :).
    Despicable me it's going to be released on june next year, so... But hope to have a new reel before that, I'm start thinking to find a job in the united...
    Good luck for you too, sir!