Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last work day of year

I like this guy.

Tomorrow I take off for a short holiday vacation.  The month & a half just flew by man.  So far, all of my time here has been spent working on my animation test for training, and the schedule has been pretty chill. So I'm lookin' forward to coming back in the new year and eventually beginning some production shots!  Oh man. 

Also, tons of snow last weekend in NY !  Here's a pic of a huge snowball fight in Times Square.

It's an early start for me tommorow, I'm waking up at 5AM to take a train from White Plains to Grand Central Station, and shuttle from there to JFK.  And then its off , back home to Seattle!


  1. Ahh man..I SO wish I could see what you animation tests are looking like!

    Anyways, enjoy the Holidays big guy!

  2. Happy New Year Bobby!!!
    Its going to be a great Year :D