Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Design Presentation

A few weeks ago I was asked to give a presentation on Character Design to the Animation team here at work!
Let me first say that I don't, by any means, consider myself an expert in the field, and approaches/opinions on design vary wildly. So this was , essentially, just my humble outlook on the artform, and is based on my personal design aesthetic (what I like.)  So here are the images I went through during my talk.

If I have some time I hope to give these images some actual context with what I was saying, but I just wanted to post these images us,  hopefully they mostly speak for themselves.

"Personality usually dictates design,  so I consider Silhouette, Shape , Proportion, and Pose."
-Joe Moshier, Dreamworks Character Designer

Art by Shannon Tindle

Art by Daniel Lopez Munoz

More examples of circles vs squares (straights vs curves):

Art by Ricky Nierva

Art by Jay Shuster

A lot of times Nico Marlet works with one broad shape and the details are subservient .
Art by Nico Marlet

Art by Nico Marlet

Art by Carter Goodrich

Art by Joe Moshier

Art by Nico Marlet

Art by Norman Rockwell

Art by Bobby Chiu

Art by Milt Kahl,  Breakdown by Mark Kennedy

Art by Chuck Jones

Art by Nico Marlet

Art by Shane Prigmore

Breakdown by Xavier Ramonede

-----The Way I work.  Well, one of the ways.-----
Subject research

What I want to emphasize

Thumbnail , done tiny tiny

Thumbnail blown-up

Shape Breakdown

Flow Breakdown

Clean Line

Flat Color

Simple Render

And that's all I had!  Feel free to drop me a  line you wanna talk shop if some of this doesn't make sense!
Bobbypontillas (at) Gmail (dot) com


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