Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Scrat Short!

Last year in the middle of production on Rio, Blue Sky needed some animators to help animate a new Scrat short.  I submitted my name and was lucky enough get the chance to animate this little guy on a few shots!  
I remember seeing this little guy on the first Ice Age trailer back in 2001, how cartoony and pushed and Warner Brothersy he was!
Fast forward 10 years and getting to animate him was so much fun, liberating, and I'm even more fond of him now.  I hope I get to animate him more on our next film!!! Exclamation points!


  1. This is such a fun short. It got me out of my animation slump.

    Which shots did you animate on this?

  2. Hey Dudes! Thanks for checkin it out Chad! Mike, I animated the shots after Scrat first realizes he's affecting the surface by moving the core, and then proceeds to run after the nut.

    BTW, Your comment on CB was seen by the animators here, thanks for the kind words man!!!

  3. Thanks Bobby! I'm glad to hear that! You guys are a really special studio, and it has something that the other studios don't seem to have. Maybe it just has that east coast flavor that makes it really unique. But whatever it is, I always look forward to whatever comes down the pipeline.

    And keep up the awesome work yourself. Your stuff is really fun!

  4. Hello there! I was just wandering around and came across your blog. Great job! I am sure you are enjoying a lot. My mom's maiden name is Pontillas and her family is based in Cagayan de Oro city here in the Philippines. I am a physics teacher here in the country, finished BS Physics in MSU-IIT. I'm not really sure if you're familiar with all these but I am hoping that you do. Anyways, keep it up! I'll try to keep track of this blog of yours.

  5. Wow, you must have done it incredibly. I am an IT student but I am really bad in animation. I wish I am as talented as you are when it comes to animating. Hehe.