Monday, April 12, 2010

Misc. April

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art!  The highlights for me:  The Rembrandts,the Arms & Armory wing!
View from the MET stairs.
Cherry Blossoms at Central Park
And back at work, since I can't show anything, here is a checklist of the shot numbers of what I've done so far!  I know, the pic is mundane but I can tell you that the ones marked "120" are a doozy! They are sandwiched between this amazing animator, and this amazing animator!  Both are like rockstars to me.  The pressure was definitely on man and I put everything I had into them.

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  1. That's awesome man! Gabor is sick!

    Lol, you know what they say--- "Youre only as good as the company you keep."