Monday, September 19, 2011

End of the line

So tonight is my last night in NY. My last day at Blue Sky was Friday , and after a full weekend of saying some pretty heartfelt goodbyes , I'm driving back across country,home to Seattle. The exact opposite if what I did two years ago ! Man time flies! I'll be taking October off, spending some time with friends and family, and after that I start at Disney on Nov 7th ! I feel really lucky to have had this experience at Blue Sky. I met some amazing people, made some really fantastic friends and I really grew to love the area, especially NYC. I'm going to miss it so much.  Best of luck to everyone on finishing up Ice Age 4.

It was awesome to get to share some experiences with you guys and gals, thanks for following along and I hope to do the same when I get to Los Angeles!

See you then and
Take care everyone !!
Bobby's LA Journal


  1. I wish you all the best, Bobby! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures at Disney!!

  2. Massive congratulations for the Disney job, we all look forward to hearing all about it

  3. Congratulations, for achieving Animators Dream Destination :)

  4. Can you tell us about UDNEO ?
    We heard about HEARL and " B. E. EARL".
    Can you tell us about UNDELO?
    We heard about DEVELO and DATENTSE .