Saturday, February 6, 2010

Caricature Show

Last Friday the animation dept. had a caricature show. 

Here are the ones that I did.


Who Organized the event!

Andrew Coats / Nathan Engelhardt

Galen Chu


Juan Carlos Navarro

Jim Bresnahan
Or House, take your pick.

Keith Paciello

Brian Menz

Robyn Powell

Scott Lemmer, aka Slem-dog Millionaire.

Stewart Shaw, circa Nov 2009

Thom Roberts

Ha!  And here were some done of me.
by workwife, Joe Lee.

by Andrew Coats.

Joe Lee by Matt Doble.

I'll end with some by Nick Bruno, who to clearly, this was a Caricature War.  These got the biggest laughs of the night.  And I'm sure everyone will be gunning for him at the revenge show.
Jeff Gabor by Nick Bruno.

Pete Paquette by Nick Bruno.

Brian Laron by Nick Bruno.


  1. Hilarious bro! I had a couple LOLs here for sure.

  2. Some seriously fun looking work....would have visited the west coast to rock this for an evening..


  3. Awesome!! ha ha Love the crazy exagerrated ones :P

  4. wow, these are sooo cool! i love popping in on your blog cause i am truly inspired! :)

    keep up the awwwwesome work.